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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeMon Nov 02, 2009 8:00 pm

The Following are the rules and regulations for this website.

1.Cursing is allowed but please censor it unless it is a mild curse word. Follow this rule of thumb if it's censored on TV cencor it here. You also can not use curse words against other members. (ex. telling a user to stfu, gfy, gtfo ect.)

Consequence if Violated: Due to the word cencoring system on this site if a couple of words aren't cencored. However if you insult another member using such words you will recieve a stern warning if the behavior continues you will be banned.

2. Try to keep content PG-13. If you are going to post something that may have some explict/graphic content in it put a warning in your post.

Consequence if Violated: You will be lightly reminded that your content may need a warning. If we think that your content may be too over the top we might delete it. If you continue to post this content only to upset other members you will be banned.

3. Absolutely NO PORN, Nudity, Offensive pictures, Lemons (Stories describing sex), or anything too graphic!

Consequence if Violated: Porn and nudity will be deleted on the spot and you will recieve a stern warning and if you continue to post such things you will be banned. Blood and gore however is debatable you may just need to put a warning or if it is simply too gory it will be deleted. (See consequence in rule #2)

4. Respect and treat others kindly.

Consequence if Violated: No bullying is tolerated! If you bully another member you will recieve a stern warning and perhaps banned. If you are just having an arguement with a member you may recieve a warning if it gets too out of control.

5. Talk about things in the right boards.

Consequence if Violated: Most likely the topic will simply be moved to it's correct spot. If you do this just to annoy people you will get a warning and perhaps banned.

6. No Spam!

Consequence if Violated: You will recieve a warning and if you continue to spam you will be banned.

7. Don't make more than one topic for the same exact thing and try not to copy people's ideas. If you want to sort of copy something ask them first.

Consequence if Violated: The topic that copied the original one will be deleted if you do this simply to annoy people you will be warned and maybe banned. If you do not ask permission from a user and copy their idea without permission it could possibly get deleted if the user complains. (This does not count copying things for use in things like fanfiction and fanart)

8. Try to give credit (Don't plagarise)

Consequence if Violated: This isn't really a big deal you absolutely do not have to site everything. A disclaimer is nice though but if you don't want to put one. (This website is not responsible for any legal trouble that may occor with plagarism.)

9. In roleplays whoever made the roleplay can make rules for it however they must fit these guidelines. Please follow the rules the roleplayer has set up.

Consequence if Violated: If the RP owner complains it will be looked into and the violation could be deleted if you continue to break the rules you may be romoved from the roleplay and if the violation is used excessivly you may be banned.

10. Don't post mean messages to other users.

Consequence if Violated: See consequence for rule number 4

11. Don't post any information that may lead others to find you. (ex. pics of yourself, address, phone ect.)

Consequence if Violated: Imformation will be deleted and you will be warned. If this continues or if the imformation is something really bad you could be banned.

12. If you have a problem contact me or a mod but don't come to us for every little thing

Consequence if Violated: If you PM us we will try to address the issue. However if you spam our inboxes you will be warned.

13. Try to use proper grammar and correct spelling. We all make mistakes but just try.

Consequence if Violated: It will most likely be ignored or corrected, but more than likely ignored.

14. Do not hack into people's accounts!

Consequence if Violated: If you do this you will likely be banned

15. Only make a new account if nessisary.

Consequence if Violated: PM me first with your reason to create the account. If it is a good reason you will have permission to create a new account and your old account will be deleted. If you do this without permission any additional accounts will be deleted and you may be banned.

16. Do not make threads to advertise other sites. You are welcome to talk about them, but do not simply post just to advertise your site except in your signature or profile. Your are welcome to put a link, banner, ect. In your signature or profile. You may not advertise anything that is inappropriate for this site even in your signature or profile (See above rules for what is considered inappropriate)

Consequence if Violated: Advertisement will be deleted if you continue to post advertisements you will be warned and perhaps banned.

17. If you are a moderator or admin please act like one and set a good example for other members.

18. Try not to let any debates get ugly

Consequence if Violated: The debate will be deleted

19. Please do not ask to become an admin or moderator unless I'm offering the position.

20. As a lot of consequences already say don't do things just to annoy people.

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Forum Rules
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