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 Catty's Webkinz Home tour!

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Catty's Webkinz Home tour! Empty
PostSubject: Catty's Webkinz Home tour!   Catty's Webkinz Home tour! Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 5:33 pm

Hello everyone my name is Daisy the black and white cat. I was Catty's first webkinz and I'll be guiding you on the tour! Before we get started we have a sneak peek at the living room after the halloween party! We wanted you guys to see the webkinz in costumes.

Catty's Webkinz Home tour! 24yuxic

Here we have....
Sapphire the lil blue jay dressed as Smurfette
Sugar the lil unicorn dressed as Cinderella
Ben the lil St.Bernard dresses as a fall paper boy?
Calico the lil tomato clown fish dresses as a webkinz king
Clover the clover puppy dressed as a fairy
Emerald the St. Pats setter dressed as an angel
Lady the american cocker spainel dressed as Snow White
Minnie the lil mouse dressed as Minnie Mouse. (ha ha)
Tiffany the white terrier dressed as a lady bug
Saoirse the irish setter dressed as Dorothy
Tyler the fox dressed as a bee
Crystal the arctic fox dressed as a snow princess
Cody the rockhopper penguin dressed as a surfer
Odette the swan dressed as a swan princess
Bridget the bengal tiger dressed as a pop star
Kiara the lil lioness dressed as a pop star
Dorinda the leopard dressed as a pop star
The are doing a group thing. They are the cheetah girls (minus Raven)
Sassy the himalayan cat dressed as a witch
Fluffy the persian cat dressed as a ballerina
Blackie the black cat dressed as a witch

Then there I am waving at you guys.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and I hope you will enjoy the tour.

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Catty's Webkinz Home tour!
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