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 Christmas Magic: A Club Penguin Holiday Tale!

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Christmas Magic: A Club Penguin Holiday Tale! Empty
PostSubject: Christmas Magic: A Club Penguin Holiday Tale!   Christmas Magic: A Club Penguin Holiday Tale! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 3:59 pm

It was that time of year again. The Gift Shop was busy bececause of the last minute holiday shoppers, the tree in front of the town was getting decorated, and penguins were getting whacked in the head with coins at the Lighthouse.

There was one penguin who needed a Christmas miracle to happen, and that penguin was Scrooge Penguin.

Scrooge sat on his rocking chair in his comfy two-story loft igloo. Most penguins would deck their igloos with wreaths and LED lights, but Scrooge would rather not. Upstairs sat a comfy purple bed and flat-screen TV, and downstairs featured a couple of rocking chairs surrounding a coffee table and yet another flat-screen TV.

As you would probably imagine, Scrooge's life was dull and lonely, and you'd be right! But Scrooge was perfectly fine with the vibe he set for his igloo.

Scrooge was a grey penguin with a brown coat, mustache, top hat, yellow scarf, and golden glasses. Quickly, he got his black puffle on a leash and headed outside his igloo, into the cold dark snowstorm.

Scrooge waddled away from the clump of igloos into the plaza, passing by a Coins for Change donation station.

″Hello, sir. Would you like to help support?″asked a dark green penguin named Parsa with a blue jacket, Beta hat, red and green scarf, and silver bell.

Scrooge quickly muttered ″Not interested.″

He stopped in front of the pizza parlor and beamed inside. The Penguin Band was playing peaceful holiday tunes.

Scrooge set himself at a comfortable table, decorated in tinsil and covered with glass plates shaped like Christmas trees. A yellow penguin with a chef hat and red apron waddled over.

″A hot cheese pizza.″ordered Scrooge before the waiter could say a word.

Minutes later, a penguin walked over with Scrooge's pizza. Scrooge peeked into the box, COLD air rising from the pizza.

Scrooge stomped out of the resturant angrily and in disgust, throwing his pizza into the snow bank.


Scrooge felt a warm tug on his flipper. He turned to see his black puffle motioning toward the exterior of the Lighthouse. Scrooge was being dragged there!

At the Lighthouse, tubes were coming through the windows. Coins filled to the top of the Beacon, and penguins of every color and size were marveling at the sight. While his black puffle nibbled at the coins, Scrooge digged a tunnel through the coins like he had just recieved a million dollars from winning the lottery. From the looks of what is coming up in this story, it looks like he will get that million dollars he was hoping for!

"Imagine if I could steal all these coins! We could afford that dplit-level igloo we have been looking a t in the catalog for monthes!"

A wicked thought came across Scrooge's sinister mind. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a large tarp. He started to greedily pile coins into the tarp, and penguins wondered of this penguin was out of his mind.

Sccrooge hopped down from the mountain of coins, out the Lighthouse, and headed back to his igloo, dragging the tarp, coins, and his black puffle close behind him. Astonished looked glared across penguins faces as all the hard work they had done to donate to Coins for Change was falling into the flippers of a heartless old penguin who had nothing better to do than steal their precious coins.

Scrooge stuffed the great colossal bag of coins in the closet, and sat down to watch the news with a hot cup of steaming cocoa in his hand. His puffle soon fell asleep, too. Later, the clock shown 12:00 AM, and more stuff was yet to come as wings fluttered over Scrooge. Suddenly, he heard the sound of magic. Not any magic, though. Christmas magic.

Scrooge's eyes shot open, blood red. He had dreamed of being in some sort of parallel universe in a time warp, but he washed away that memory. Sighing, he turned his head to see an unusual sight. A pink penguin with a yellow, blue and pink fairy dress, glittery wings, and long blond wig was floating slowly in front of him.
"Hiya!" the penguin said.

Scrooge screamed a piercing scream. "Whhhh-oooo uhhhh-aaaare you?"
"Why, I'm the ghost of Christmas past, present and future!"

Scrooge screamed again. "WHY ARE YOU IN MY IGLOO?"

The fairy penguin chuckled. "We aren't in any igloos. We're in a time portal!"
"Why... how... is this a dream?"

"Well, if you think it is, you better take a look at this." the penguin handed Scrooge a mirror.
As he reflected it across his face, Scrooge screamed again. He was translucent and white.

"I am a ghost? How... who?"

"If you want to see your past and future Christmas, you musn't be seen. This ghostly form will disguise you on our journey."

There was a ghastly whirlwind of smoke, air, and dirt. Scrooge and his black puffle felt like they were in a tidal wave. Suddenly, a blast of light filled the area. The fairy penguin, Scrooge, and the puffle appeared in Scrooge's cottage igloo from when he was a wee penguin!

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Christmas Magic: A Club Penguin Holiday Tale!
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