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 Dead survival.

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Dead survival. Empty
PostSubject: Dead survival.   Dead survival. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 1:02 pm

Its 2031. Strange creatures have taken Over a Small town, And Everyone is Forced to Fend for themselfs.
The U.K Goverment has decided to seal the Infested town in A dome, Meaning no escape.
Yet, They supply the Uninfected with one Important thing.
Submachine guns, Light machine guns, Assault rifles, Shotguns, Rocket launchers, You name It, You have it.
Food Is scarce, Therefore people have to venture out of the safety of Domesecure (The Survival Base) To find it.
But, There is an Antidote.
It works, But it where the most feared zombie Is. Project Blackspine.
This creature is made Entirely Out of Spines, And One Small touch will put you in pieces.
You have just left your home, And youre ready to Work for Domesecure.

You have to make some options first.

Primary:(Assault rifles,Submachine guns,Light machine guns, Sniper rifles.
Secondary:(Shotguns, Automatic pistols, Pistols, Launchers, Special electrics.)

Job:Guard:Goes in to the places recon's Have found food/Water and defend it waiting for Heli extraction.
Recon: Heads out To find Food/Water.
Pilot:Pilots vehicles.
Medic:Probably the most dangerous job, Goes to the Antidote place of the town Heavily armed, Can have to Primarys and 2 secondarys.

Choose Carefully, It could be a choice of Life or death.
No swearing.
No inappropriate topics.
No Killing other characters.

Okay, We clear?
Then what Are you still here for?Fight some zombies!

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Dead survival.
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